What is good? What does it mean for something to be good or bad? Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated in his essay “Self-Reliance” that man… “must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness.” I rather like this approach to the meta-moral question above, for the most common … Continue reading

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected”

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected” is a column I wrote for The Arizona Daily Wildcat on October 12, 2010. Can be found here. Imagine waking up to a world filled with acceptance, kindness and tolerance. Imagine creating a world where there was no fear of persecution, hate or violence. Imagine, if John Lennon were alive, what sort … Continue reading

Evolution Skipped O’Donnell

Op-Ed printed 9/28/10 in The Arizona Daily Wildcat. Christine O’Donnell, United States Senate Tea Party candidate in Delaware, is a bottomless treasure trove of absurdities, each seeming to raise the ante from the last. One of the latest to surface is a panel discussion on the TV news and analysis program “Scarborough Country” in 2003, … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “Give Peace a Chance” – John Lennon

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon. In light of the present situation going on with regard to Arizona SB1070, I felt that someone should be advocating that everyone on either side of the issue to give peace a chance. The issue at hand is one that is … Continue reading

The Tree and Me

This tree I stand before has been towering above us long before the mere thought of my existence had passed through the minds of my parents. It will continue to tower long after the memories of my existence fade from the minds of my family, friends, and whatever history bears my name. It has seen … Continue reading

Death: Good or Bad

“…if we realize that death is not an unimaginable condition of the persisting person, but a mere blank, we will see that it can have no value whatever, positive, or negative.” – Thomas Nagel (Death) The topic of death ruffles many feathers. It is one of two certainties in life, the other being time’s consistency, … Continue reading

“All I Believe In”…And All I Ever Care To.

“All I Believe In” – The Magic Numbers and Amadou & Miriam This song has touched my heart since the motion picture it accompanied hit the silver screen, the second installment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon. Going through some deeply emotional moments at present in regard to my romantic life, this song has revived … Continue reading

Musicians; The Illuminators

Musicians of late seem to only delve into expanding their own bounds as individuals. Within them lies a greater responsibility, for in the days of old poetry was the form of written communication that illuminated the happenings of life. Now, musicians shoulder this burden. By all means, expand one’s creative mind, but do so in … Continue reading

Provocative Poem Permeates Personal Ponderations

I cannot live with You –  It would be Life –  And Life is over there –  Behind the Shelf The Sexton keeps the Key to –  Putting up Our Life – His Porcelain –  Like a Cup –  Discarded of the Housewife –  Quaint – or Broke –  A newer Sevres pleases –  Old Ones crack –  I could not die – with You –  For One must wait To shut … Continue reading

I am an Idealized Man.

I am an idealized man. I hold my convictions close to my heart. I hold my heart close to my person. I hold my person above all, but never above repute, for we all make mistakes and we all need to be open to new ideas, perspectives, and critiques. I am an idealized man. I … Continue reading