Once More, If You Will.

In search for a word from the wise, Found: wound words that excise, Those wavering ways of old, Confidence inserted, a taste of the bold. So this is what it feels like, To be one of those fear-free, Those ready and willing to strike, Simply – to – be… me, Relaxing, I just might decree. A … Continue reading

My Wings

I once had my own span of wings protective they did seem comforting they did sing   Like a cloud they did hover In showers they did cover But I have lost my shelter When it’s clear from here That I’m still in need of her   Walk with me Lest we lose one day … Continue reading

So Personal, But So Universal

Bright Eyes is the Bob Dylan of our generation and never ceases to astound me with his brilliance with words and music. This song, “First Day of My Life” is one of my all-time favorite songs. There is something so deeply personal about love, yet it is one of the few things that everyone can … Continue reading

It’s Funny How…

It’s funny how things turn out. It’s funny how things turn course. It’s funny how minds change. It’s funny how paths cross. It’s funny how relationships dance. It’s funny how friendships dance. It’s funny how time flies. It’s funny how years feel like days. It’s funny how seconds feel like hours. It’s funny how love … Continue reading


Someone to stay close; to me. Someone to take in the show; with me. Someone to pursue happiness; with me. Someone to watch the moon; beside me. Someone to share it all; alongside me. Someone to hold and restore; myself to me. Someone to love me; for me.

Saturate My Life

Might there be a room full, None do I see, but thee, We dance, we twirl, The spot shine on us – and us alone, Our gaze shift not a pinch, Lost in each others’ world. Your body molds to my embrace, Your face is both full, empty, and convincing, Your eyes tell the story … Continue reading