Black SUVs

As I took in the fun downtown of Chicago after work this evening, all the while in search of a reasonably priced suit, a couple black SUVs rolled up to the curb no more than an arm’s length away. At the time, I was preoccupied with the phone, as I was on the line figuring … Continue reading

Op-Ed Column: Bristol Palin Bristles America

The latest column I wrote for the Arizona Daily Wildcat can be found here or below. 11/23/2010 There is a brewing controversy in millions of Americans’ living rooms. No, it is not a nuclear Iran. No, it is not our nation’s fiscal affairs. No, it is not Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s alleged NCAA violations. The … Continue reading

Arizona Daily Wildcat Column: “Outcome of Election Necessitates Cooperation”

This is my latest opinions column in the Arizona Daily Wildcat and can be found here. After an extremely revealing midterm election, most are unaware of the implications the results might mean for America. Many are quick to purport their party’s ability to assert its will in Congress, but this is foolish and a misunderstanding … Continue reading

Longer = Better?

For as long as I have been studying and proceeding through the levels of academia, I have been preached to about the virtue of conciseness. The writing bible has contained the philosophy of brief, articulate, succinct sentences that convey the message appropriately and effectively. Now, this story comes out about performance on the SAT indicating … Continue reading

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected”

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected” is a column I wrote for The Arizona Daily Wildcat on October 12, 2010. Can be found here. Imagine waking up to a world filled with acceptance, kindness and tolerance. Imagine creating a world where there was no fear of persecution, hate or violence. Imagine, if John Lennon were alive, what sort … Continue reading

Evolution Skipped O’Donnell

Op-Ed printed 9/28/10 in The Arizona Daily Wildcat. Christine O’Donnell, United States Senate Tea Party candidate in Delaware, is a bottomless treasure trove of absurdities, each seeming to raise the ante from the last. One of the latest to surface is a panel discussion on the TV news and analysis program “Scarborough Country” in 2003, … Continue reading

Q’s Song of the Day: “Give Peace a Chance” – John Lennon

Q’s Song of the Day is entitled “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon. In light of the present situation going on with regard to Arizona SB1070, I felt that someone should be advocating that everyone on either side of the issue to give peace a chance. The issue at hand is one that is … Continue reading


I have just completed my fifth week here in Washington DC. In intern years I am about ready for file for AARP and around the corner from Social Security. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime. Though that statement sounds cliché and overused, there are reasons why something becomes deemed “cliché.” I have … Continue reading

CNN Quoted ME!!!

CNN came to the University of Arizona to hear the student response to AZ SB1070 and I was fortunate enough to have been interviewed. Check it out here.

AZ Legislation Legalizes Racial Profiling: SB1070

“Legal racial profiling a no-win situation” By: Tyler Quillin (Arizona Daily Wildcat 4/22/10) As a current resident of the state of Arizona, I am embarrassed by Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa). As an out-of-state student, he has forced me to question why I came to such an illogical place. He forces me to question the … Continue reading