Human Being v. Human Doing

Last week, in an art course I am taking, we had a guest lesson from a gentleman who calls himself Yoshi. He is a Japanese calligrapher. He had a thick accent and his lesson was full of brilliant gems of asian philosophy that, as they always seem to do, found their way into relevance within the process … Continue reading

Longer = Better?

For as long as I have been studying and proceeding through the levels of academia, I have been preached to about the virtue of conciseness. The writing bible has contained the philosophy of brief, articulate, succinct sentences that convey the message appropriately and effectively. Now, this story comes out about performance on the SAT indicating … Continue reading

“Sour Seniors Should See Sunny Side”

“Sour Seniors Should See Sunny Side” is a column I wrote for The Arizona Daily Wildcat on October 22, 2010. Can be found here. It’s senior year of college. It’s the graduation you have been waiting for, working for, yearning for. Everyone is waiting on the sidelines, cheering you on, waiting to see what you … Continue reading

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected”

“Lennon’s Message Resurrected” is a column I wrote for The Arizona Daily Wildcat on October 12, 2010. Can be found here. Imagine waking up to a world filled with acceptance, kindness and tolerance. Imagine creating a world where there was no fear of persecution, hate or violence. Imagine, if John Lennon were alive, what sort … Continue reading

“Jitters Pass, College Begins”

Check out my op-ed in the Daily Wildcat today. “Jitters Pass, College Begins”

I Turned Around… And I Was A Senior In College.

It seems like it was yesterday when my best friend and roommate, Sean Stephens, and I were done unpacking our new place away from home, done dropping off our parents at the airport, and simply staring at each other in sheer shock and excitement over the fact that we were finally away at college. There … Continue reading

I’ve Never Won Before!

Last Thursday evening was the Associated Students of the University of Arizona End of the Year Banquet. Among the awards given was “Senator of the Year.” I have never won an award from my peers in my life… before that night. I write this blog not to gloat or boast, but to express my deepest … Continue reading

My Article in The Daily Wildcat

In the Daily Wildcat today I wrote a lengthy Op-Ed article about ASUA, its image in the student eye, and the Last Smash Platinum Bash of 2009. Check it out here.

University of Arizona and Its So-Called “Peer Institutions”

The Desert Lamp blog published a commentary and reflection today on the Daily Wildcat’s piece by Anna Swenson on the topic of tuition increases in relation to our University of Arizona “peer institutions.” Swenson’s article basically focuses on President Shelton’s proposed tuition increase, which can be found discussed in this blog’s previous post. Swenson writes … Continue reading

Fly as a Fly: William Blake’s “The Fly”

Humans, as a species, are subject to making decisions and taking actions without thought. In William Blake’s poem, The Fly, he addresses this fact of life as a human and delves into the philosophical issues that arise from one action in particular, the swatting away of a fly. Blake takes the simple careless action of … Continue reading