Best Super Bowl XLV Commercials: Volkswagen: The Force and Chrysler’s 200: Imported From Detroit

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year goes to Volkswagen for their Star Wars childhood throwback of an ad. I have for too long sat and watched commercials that are profane, offensive, and down right ridiculous, but Volkswagen came through for me this year. Being the son of an ad man, I take it personally when companies … Continue reading

New Project: The Commissioners – A Sports Blog

I have ventured into a new endeavor, a sports blog. Soon, I will be linking the two, so that you all get to see everything. But, for now, you can find it here. Enjoy!

I Have To Go With The Saints

Today is Superbowl Sunday. I can’t believe it is here once again. I figured it appropriate to give a few thoughts on Superbowl XLIV, the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. I am somewhat torn between these two teams. Ever since my father took me to a UCLA v. Tennessee college football game when I … Continue reading

Arizona Basketball is BACK!

I cannot believe I am saying this but, Arizona is tied for #1 in the Pac-10 entering February. That statement is something that none of the Arizona Basketball fans could have predicted in Novemeber. With the seemingly rocky beginning to the season, it was thought an understood fact that the longest current NCAA Tournament streak … Continue reading